About Me...


The bug first bit me in the early 1990s when playing bass in a band took me into various rickety Sheffield sudios.

So after A-Levels I took a year off to become a sound engineering student at Red Tape Studios. The only qualification I needed was to have been signing on for at least 3 months but I lied as it had only been 6 weeks. Here I found a formal training and introduction to the professional studio.

After studying architecture for a short while, I moved to London chucking myself in head-first at Master Rock Studios as an assistant, gaining considerable experience to become in-house engineer, before leaving and going freelance in 2000.

During my time there I worked on top flight sessions with internationally renowned artists, producers and engineers.

I then went on to develop a close affiliation with RAK Studios as a freelance engineer and client, then in 2003, as staff engineer and now the studios’ Senior Engineer / Producer.

I am available for hire on a freelance basis and it would be great to hear about any  projects I could be involved with.

Please visit my Flexi Sound Studio page
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