Action Plan (Young And Lost Club) - ‘Stendhal/Beauty Scars’: PROD, REC & MIX

Animal Kingdom - ‘Signs And Wonders’ : MIXED

Barefoot (OneTwo Records) - ’Barefoot’ Album : RECORDING ENGINEER

Brinkman (EMI) - Forthcoming Album : RECORDING ENGINEER

Captain (EMI) - Tracks produced by Ben Hillier : RECORDING ENGINEER

Circuits (Try Science! Records) - Forthcoming Album : RECORDING ENGINEER

Echo & The Bunneymen (WEA) - ‘Evergreen’ Album Tracks : OVERDUBS

Grinderman (Mute) - Forthcoming Album : Recording Engineer

Jacob Golden (Echo) - RAK session tracks : RECORDING ENGINEER

Jamie Cullum (Verve) - ‘Catching Tales’ Album : PROTOOLS ENGINEER

James Morrison (Polydor) - ‘Songs For You, Truths For Me’ Album : ENGINEER

Julian Velard (EMI/Charisma) - Forthcoming Tracks : RECORDING ENGINEER

King Creosote (679) -  Album Tracks : RECORDING ENGINEER

Kylie (EMI) - ‘Light Years’ - Album Tracks : OVERDUBS

Marbles (ZTT)  - Tracks - PROD, REC & MIX

Narina Pallot (Poldor)  - ‘Dear Frustrated Superstar’ Album : ENGINEER

Paul Carrack (Carrack UK) - ‘I Know That Name’ Album : MIXING

Primal Scream (Columbia Records) - ‘Glory’ Remix : MIX ENGINEER

Razorlight (Mercury) - Steve Lillywhite ‘Up All Night’ album sessions : REC ENG

Remi Nicole (Island) - ‘My Conscience And I’ Album : ENGINEER

Seasick Steve (Warners) - ‘Happy Man’ Single ; Engineer

The Rifles (Red Ink) - ‘No Love Lost’ Album Overdubs : ENGINEER

The Rumble Strips (Island) -‘Welcome To The Walk Alone’ Album: CO-PROD & ENG

Tom Jones (V2) - ‘Looking Out My Window’ Reload Album Track with JTQ : ENG

Tony Christie (Decca) - ‘Made In Sheffield’ Album : Orchestral Recording

Undercut (Distiller Records) - ‘A Bit Of Education’ Single : PROD, REC & MIX

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The Veils (Rough Trade) - Bernard Butler produced tracks : REC ENGINEER

Video Nasties (Way Out West) - ‘I Wanna’ Single : PROD, REC & MIX