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January 2012 :

*Flexi Sound up and running !!- I finally took delivery of the Trident from New York - what a mission that turned out to be.

Many thanks to Tim Lee at Tummy Touch for being a massive help with packing it all up. I am still trying to find my way to the front door through a mountain of bubble wrap....

  1. *Back in RAK studio 4 to mix 2 tracks by London band The Sons - to be mastered soon after up at AIR with Ray Staff...

  2. *A day of mastering at Abbey Road with Frank Arkwright completes a long journey for Leeds band The Bazaars. We have finally reached the end stages of the adventure that was the making of their debut album. I think we need to start another soon Jonny as this one sounds great - good work all!

  3. *Started receiving the files for Tel Aviv based band Panic Ensemble who’s album I will be mixing and labelling ‘FlexiProj 01’ and due to start in the next week or so

  4. *Waiting for final confirmation of preferred mix versions (vocal ups, etc) from Paris from the band The Weakness who I recorded, mixed and produced over the last 3 months of 2011. Pre production sessions were at the very excellent DIN studios in Limehouse, the main recording was in RAK st2 and some final LV/BV stuff in Paris. Looking forward to getting it mastered and out there..!

February ’12 :

*Planning dates and schedule for debut album of exciting young band from Marseille ‘Dissonant Nation’. I produced their EP late last summer and they are the latest signings to tres cool Parisian label Cinq 7. Looking like a week of pre prod in South France then 5 weeks of London recording / mixing - RAK St2 & 4.

*The Phenomenal Handclap Band machine is gathering momentum ahead of the release of their 2nd album. BBC 6 Music & Radcliffe and Maconie are well and truly behind them. Have a look at this video... a blast from the past.

  1. *Just completing the 1st mix for Panic Ensemble - having great results from the Trident, everyone very happy.

  2. *Off to Marseille on the 19th to prepare the songs for the Dissonant Nation album. Looking forward to hearing what’s ahead of the recording session starting on March 5th...

  3. *It’s the annual Music Producers Guild evening this Thursday 16th. RAK Studios is nominated for Studio of The Year so fingers crossed!

  4. *Alas to say unfortunately RAK didn’t win aforementioned award. However, a good night of team bonding enjoyed and spirits are fired up for the coming year...!

  5. *Just got back from a week in Marseille and 6 long days spent in an airless, feverish practice room. 12 great songs now in shape and everyone raring to get started on the recording. I don’t want to give too much away at this early stage but see below for the album objective:

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  19. *Release updates also below..... The new PHB video and also an amazing track by The Shutes that I mixed on the night of the UK riots last summer. Produced by Julian Simmons at DIN and mixed at RAK with a hairy drive back home...